Frequently asked questions

In which area does AFFIRMATIVE provide funding?

Our passion is equal access to education for all children - regardless of their (social) background. Since we are convinced that language is an essential element in this, we support organisations that work in the field of language development. In our view, the development of children's personalities is just as important for opening up individual perspectives, which is why we also support organisations with this goal. We support parental work out of the conviction that all parents want the best for their child and must be strengthened in this in the best possible way.
It is well known that the foundation for education is laid at an early age. Therefore, your project should target children of kindergarten and early primary school age and, if possible, involve their parents and families.

Who can receive funding from AFFIRMATIVE?

Non-profit organisations that have the statutory objective of promoting the education and upbringing of children and young people and are recognised as non-profit organisations can apply for funding. Likewise, it is open to institutions under public law in the field of education to apply for funding.
We do not fund individuals or political initiatives.

What does AFFIRMATIVE not fund?

We do not fund construction projects, events of a purely event nature or commercially oriented projects. We also do not fund individuals.

What information is needed for the preliminary assessment?

The preliminary assessment should include the following information:

  • Info about the applicant: Who are you, where are you and how are you positioned?
  • Project description: describe your project in at least 2,000 and at most 5,000 characters
  • Fitting our funding criteria: our funding criteria can be found here (link: Please describe how your project fits into these criteria.
  • Information on the impact logic of your project: We want to make sure that our ccoperation has a sustainable impact. Therefore, we would like you to consider this when you apply and share your findings with us. You can find great information on how such an impact logic can look like in Phineo's course book on Impact or on the website of the Swiss Mercator Foundation on the topic of impact logic of projects.
  • Budget requested: How much funding do you request from us? It would be nice if you also mentioned here whether your project is also funded by other partners and if so, how much.
When can I apply for funding?

In principle, it is always possible to apply for funding at AFFIRMATIVE. An exception to this are applications made in the context of a call for tender by AFFIRMATIVE. In this case, we need your documents by the specified deadline.

Are projects also funded abroad?

AFFIRMATIVE currently only funds projects within Germany.

Can I submit several applications at the same time?

If you have several projects that fit our criteria, you can submit a separate application for each project.

How long does it take to process the application?

The preliminary review of your informal application will take place within four weeks. If any questions arise during the review process, we will contact you. If we decide to proceed with your application, we will send you our application form. Depending on the size of your project, you will have sufficient time to process and return it to us.
At AFFIRMATIVE, we decide on the final approval of funding in the founding team. Depending on the complexity of the project, this decision can take up to 2 months.

Where can I ask further questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at foerderung@affirmative.social.

We look forward to achieving more together with you!