Together with our partner organisations and funding partners, we are committed to making a greater impact on those who matter.

goals connect e.V.

The focus of goals connect e.V. is on intergenerational educational work for sustainable transformation. The initiators impart design competence with regard to these contents for children and young people as well as for adults and encourage sustainable participation, because: Design is attitude. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals form the thematic framework. The association sees education for sustainable development (ESD) for all generations as the basis and essential prerequisite for achieving these goals. In order to achieve these goals, the association offers thematic workshops and longer-term projects. These are characterized by a holistic approach and focus on ecological, political and social topics. In this respect, training formats are offered for schools, associations or companies. In addition, young people are trained to carry on educational work for sustainable development themselves in a multiplier function. Here, participants with a migration background experience self-efficacy and the assumption of responsibility and can actively participate in integration processes and language support for students in partner schools.

Affirmative has been funding goals connect e.V. since January 2022.


MITsprache is a scientifically accompanied and evaluated language promotion programme of the Fairchance Foundation. Professionals in day care centers and primary schools are prepared in training and coaching for the multi-year language support of children and they are provided with tried and tested, practical and diagnosis-based support material.
The accompanying socio-pedagogical parental work also strengthens the parents of the participating children.
The MITsprache programme was independently evaluated by the Lugwig-Maximilians University in Munich between 2011 and 2015. The results show that supported children show a significantly higher increase in their language skills compared to children in a comparison group without additional support.
MITsprache is currently being successfully implemented at over 100 educational institutions nationwide.

Affirmative is funding the Fairchance Foundation since February 2022.

SchlaU-Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik

The SchlaU-Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik is committed to more educational equity in the migration society and wants to expand access to education for newly immigrated youth and young adults.
They evolved from the Munich SchlaU-Schule, which has been providing educational opportunities for young refugees for over 20 years.
The SchlaU-Werkstatt accompanies educational institutions, municipalities and volunteers on their way to discrimination-critical, diversity-oriented and inclusive educational work.

With the aim of accompanying and supporting newly immigrated learners on their way to a just and self-determined future, they develop creative educational concepts, workshops and further training as well as language-promoting teaching materials that are both scientifically sound and field-tested.

Affirmative has been funding the SchlaU Workshop for Migration Education since June 2022.

Back on Track e.V.

Many children and young people with refugee experience who now go to school in Germany sometimes miss years of schooling. Even if they attended school regularly before their arrival in Germany, they lose touch with English, mathematics or other science subjects during their time in the language learning classes/welcome classes. This means that the transition to the regular education class is bound to be overwhelming - not only for the students, but also for teachers and parents.
Back on Track e.V. offers the children and young people concerned the opportunity to catch up with the educational level of their age group at three locations in Berlin with regular learning meetings using the method of self-organised learning.
They are accompanied on a voluntary basis by Arabic-speaking teachers, many of whom are also refugees. They are trained by Back on Track e.V. in the method of self-organised learning and can take part in an 11-month further training course that introduces them to working in the German education system.
In order to have as holistic an effect as possible, Back on Track e.V. also focuses on the parents of the children and young people. In addition to regular exchanges in parent cafés, Back on Track e.V. also organises lectures and workshops on the topic of "School in Berlin".

Affirmative has been supporting Back on Track e.V. since July 2022.

Lilipad e.V.

Lilipad e.V.'s mission is to empower children and improve their lives by fostering a love of reading and a culture of learning. To achieve this, Lilipad builds partnerships with local institutions and organisations, providing them with books, educational materials and support tailored to the specific needs of these communities.

Since 2017, Lilipad has been working to eliminate and reduce inequalities and barriers to children's access to books and education. To this end, Lilipad has established seven libraries for underserved communities in Uganda, Morocco and Germany. To do this, they have worked closely with local partners to ensure that each library provides books, educational resources and learning opportunities. They have also organised educational events and workshops in these spaces to support the community and encourage reading and learning.

Affirmative has been sponsoring Lilipad e.V. since July 2022.

MORUS 14 e.V.

MORUS 14 is a non-profit organisation that has been committed to education, integration and violence prevention in the Rollberg district of Berlin Neukölln since 2003. With various programmes and offers, it is particularly committed to promoting the education and social skills of children and young people.

Among other things, children and young people are individually supported in the mentoring programme "MOMento". In doing so, MORUS 14 relies on the principle of "tolerance through diversity" and the civil engagement of many people who reflect precisely this diversity.

In the project "Schule-fertig-los", young people are accompanied in a subject-specific and goal-oriented way in preparing for the BBR and MSA examinations as well as the Abitur, and at the same time supported in career orientation.

In order to counter anti-Semitic resentment in the Rollberg district, MORUS 14's "Shalom Rollberg" programme focuses on everyday encounters and joint activities between Jews and predominantly Muslim children and young people in order to break down prejudices and create sustainable relationships across religions and cultures.

MORUS 14 has been a funding partner of Affirmative since March 2023.


Papilio develops and disseminates prevention programmes and modules with the aim of giving all children in daycare and primary school the same developmental opportunities, regardless of their origin and social background. Papilio encourages them to deal with their emotions, strengthens their social skills and helps them to develop their potential.
With this stable basis, the children are better protected later on from negative developments such as behavioural problems, psychological problems and even addiction and violence. In addition, the children's educational and health opportunities are significantly better.
As social-emotional strong personalities, they can lead a self-determined life. They enrich our society with empathy, stand up for justice and take responsibility.
Papilio does not go into the day-care centres and primary schools itself. Instead, they ensure that the prevention programmes and modules are introduced regionally and that children are supported in the long term by providing further training for certified trainers and educational specialists. All training activities are bundled in the Papilio Academy.

Affirmative has been funding Papilio since March 2023.

Acker e.V.

Acker e. V. is a non-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2014 and works at the interface of education, agriculture, environment and nutrition. In our society, people - young and old - have less and less contact with nature. And because spaces for experiencing nature such as natural open spaces, fallow land or gardens are disappearing more and more from our living environment and agricultural processes are becoming increasingly industrialised, many people, especially young people, often no longer understand where our food actually comes from. Acker finds: All children and young people are entitled to a natural place of learning where they can experience how food is produced. That is why the organisation develops innovative educational programmes and concepts to increase society's appreciation of nature and food, to anchor healthy eating habits and to counteract the progressive alienation from nature. The focus of the work is on year-round educational programmes for day-care centres and schools. In their own fields, children and pupils experience directly where the food on their plates comes from and how many resources are contained in fresh food. The programme for day-care children is called AckerRacker and pupils in (mostly) third to sixth grade take part in the GemüseAckerdemie. With other programmes such as Black Turtle or Ackerpause, Acker also takes the vision into private households and businesses.

Affirmative has been funding Acker e.V. since March 2023.

Bundesverband soziales Mentoring e.V.

Founded in October 2022, the Bundesverband soziales Mentoring e.V. sees itself as an umbrella organisation for all mentoring programmes in Germany. Its goals are to make the concept of mentoring visible, to strengthen quality and networking, and to generally improve the framework conditions. 21 founding members, who represent regional networks, nationwide structures and both small and large mentoring programmes, help shape the work of the Bundesverband soziales Mentoring. The Bundesverband soziales Mentoring is currently still in the process of being established.
Affirmative has been supporting the Bundesverband soziales Mentoring since May 2023.