Our Vision

1 Our contribution to the solution

Why we do what we do?

In Germany, the socio-economic background of children determines their educational success.
A state of affairs that is neither fair nor uses the diverse potential of our diverse society to meet the challenges of the present and the future.

What do we want to achieve?

We want equal opportunities for all children - a child's educational perspective must be independent of their background & the family's socio-economic situation!

How do we want to achieve this?

We strategically and pragmatically support non-profit organisations that work for equal opportunities in the education system. Our goal is to leverage existing potential, achieve sustainable depth of impact and thus achieve more together.

2 Where do we start?

Already when children start school, differences in competence can be identified depending on their social background.¹
These differences in competences are not compensated for in the further school career, but often intensified. Our partner organisations therefore act - depending on their approach - along the education chain from kindergarten to graduation.
The common focus is on building key competencies in children and young people as well as their parents.

Language development

Because language is the key to education and participation.

Personality development

Because self-efficacy and resilience are the basis for a self-determined life.

Parent work

Because it doesn't work without parents!

3 What are we doing specifically?

We tackle where it is needed!

In order for our partner organisations to maximise their impact with their expertise in designing and implementing projects for more equal opportunities and to reach more children and families, we jointly and strategically address existing challenges.

Our funding approach consists of the following elements:

Find the right partners

There are many great organisations working to make equal opportunities a reality. We find partners who do this with a fair amount of impact and innovation.

Listen & understanding

What challenges do our partner organisations face and what contribution can we make to enable even more impact on our target group?

Solution-oriented & pragmatic funding

We provide the necessary resources - from networking with other cooperation partners, to practical support, to the allocation of financial resources - and accompany our partner organisations at eye level during the funding period and beyond.